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Refinishing existing hardwood floors

September 5, 2020

Its always a great idea to go Green♻️ ! Resurrecting your old hardwood is not only ♻️environmentally friendly, Cost effective, saves 🌲trees and saves you some money, but also will look as good as brand new hardwood floors and will last you at least 10 years before the shine and quality fades off. You can get a brand new look and colour in your 50+ years old hardwood and even get ride of the squeaking noise with half the cost of a new hardwood floors. We 100% custom match your hardwood to your desired colour and have a selection of Oil based / Water-based stains and Polishes. Also  you have a  choice between Matte-Satin-Semigloss-Glossy varnish for the finish coat of your floors.

*if your scratches are light  and on the surface you just need to do a “Buff and varnish” to RENEW  your floors and that cost you only 90 Cents per sq foot.

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